Coronavirus Resources

Emergency and Useful Numbers/Information

For Emergency, Local and Listening Services Click Here

NHS Inform. Latest guidance about Coronavirus from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government Click Here

City of Edinburgh Council Information Click Here

West Lothian Council Information Click Here

Midlothian Council Information Click Here

East Lothian Council Information Click Here>

Musselburgh Community Council Coronavirus Information Click Here

Benefits and Financial Advice


Finances, Employment and Housing Need to Knows Click Here


Financial Help and Rights Click Here


Universal Credit Click Here Or Here

Mental Health Support

Health in Mind Click Here

Calm - online meditation Click Here

NHS App Library Click Here


Chatter Pack - A list of free, online, boredum-busting resources Click Here

Other things to remember

Try to keep some sort of routine in your day by:

Regular sleep pattern. Now is your chance to get the recommended 8 hours per day.

Getting washed and dressed as if you are going out.

Some form of exercise routine, however small.

Eat and drink regularly, smaller and varied meals. Now is your time to learn to cook fresh food and try a new recipe once a week.

Clean your home. However, not all at once. One cupboard at a time, one small area at a time. You could try 30 minutes per day.

If you live with people try to build in me time for everyone. Try to have at least an hour of no contact.