Seeking Research Participants


My name is Aodhan Gallagher and I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist studying at the University of Glasgow. I am carrying out a research project exploring experiences of homelessness amongst adults with autism and/or adhd.

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My name is Cait and I am an autistic undergraduate Psychology student currently conducting my thesis project on autism assessment questionnaires and their usefulness among women.


I am looking for autistic and non-autistic individuals over 18 years old who identify as female to complete 3 online autism questionnaires and answer some very brief evaluative questions about each one. Any female over 18 can take part, as long as they are able to provide independent informed consent and can understand and complete instructions and questionnaires. It should only take around 15 minutes and there's nothing too complicated to answer.


If you have any questions please contact my supervisor (Dr Madge Jackson: or myself (Cait Parsons:


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