Groups & Activities

Number 6 Groups 


Anxiety Group - The Number 6 Anxiety Group runs over 5 weeks and is an opportunity to explore what anxiety is and how it affects people. We look at autistic differences in experiences of anxiety with the view to assisting people in the group to better understand their own experience of anxiety and begin developing strategies to manage it. Please contact Rachel for further information   


Art Group  - Meets online via Skype on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 3-4pm. 
This group provides the opportunity to meet other people to talk about arts and crafts that you enjoy and to participate in simple drawing and painting exercises during the session. The group is open to anyone who has the desire to be creative. We ask that you have some basic art materials ready including pencils, pens and plain paper. For more information please contact Karina:


Book group - Meets from 2-3pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month in the training room at Number 6. We choose a book to read each month, discuss that book during the group and then spend a bit of time considering the book for the next group. The group is currently full but if you are interested in joining, then let Matthew know (, as there may be remote options or you could be a reserve for anyone not able to make it in any given month. 


Coffee and Chat  - Meets in person at Number 6 on the 1st (Group A) and 3rd (Group B) Tuesday of the month and online via Skype on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. The online sessions run from 3-4pm and the in-person sessions run from 3-4.30pm. This group provides a space for people to meet to share experiences and coping strategies and to build friendships. 
*Please note that due to Covid restrictions we are not able to provide hot drinks or snacks but participants are welcome to bring their own.* For more information please contact Karina on


Coffee Evening - Meets every Tuesday on Skype from 6-7pm. This is a safe and confidential space where we chat about how our week has been, any worries we have and just about life in general.
This is a closed group but please contact Kim if you would like more information:


Creative Writing - Meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 11.30am to 1pm. On the 1st Thursday we meet online via Skype and on the 3rd Thursday we meet in person at Number 6. 
During the session the staff facilitator leads a number of short writing exercises. We use prompts to come up with poems, prose and short stories and participants are encouraged to read out their work if they feel comfortable doing so. For more information please contact Karina:


Film and TV Chat - This group runs via Skype on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 2pm – 3.30pm. An opportunity for people who enjoy film and TV shows to get together and discuss things that they have watched and make recommendations to each other. Although the main focus of the group is to discuss film and TV there is also an opportunity to discuss other points of interest or events from recent weeks. Please contact Rachel for further information:


Girls Group - Meets every Wednesday and alternates between Number 6 and Skype. The Number 6 group runs from 1-3pm and the Skype group runs from 1-2pm. The group provides the opportunity to have a chat with other young women about how you are doing and to build companionship. At Number 6 we organise Covid-friendly activities including watching films and taking part in quizzes. 

The Number 6 group is currently full however if you would like to join the Skype group please contact Kim:


Late Diagnosis Group - Mondays (4pm) and Wednesdays (6:30pm) at Number 6. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays online via Zoom at 3pm. The purpose of the group is to help you to understand and adjust to your diagnosis, discuss how autism may or may not affect you and to focus on developing your strengths and ameliorating your challenges. The sessions are informal and relaxed, and are divided into 8 weekly sessions of 60—90mins. To join LDG, please email Matthew Day at


Late Diagnosis Group: Women - Wednesdays (Zoom) 2-3.30pm; Fridays (Number 6) 2-3.30pm. This is a discussion based group to help you understand and adjust to your diagnosis, learn a bit about the history of autism, what it is, how it may (or may not) affect you and focus on developing your strengths and ameliorating your challenges. This is an LGBTQIA+ positive group and is primarily aimed at women and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of women. For more information please contact Mo:


No6 TEam (Trans, Non-binary[Enby] and more[aka gender questioning]) - Meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month 1-3pm in the training room at Number 6. This is a new group for Trans and non-binary people, as well as anyone questioning their gender. For more information please contact Mo:


Peer Support Group - Monday (6:30pm) and Wednesdays (4pm) in the training room at Number 6. This social group is for anyone diagnosed autistic wishing to chat with other autistics, in a space that is safe, non-judgemental, and all-inclusive. As this is a social group, topics of discussion are not decided beforehand, but emerge organically on the day. If you are interested in joining please email Matthew Day at


Quiz - We run a quiz through a closed group on Facebook Live on the second and fourth Monday of the month from 1pm to 2.30pm (hosted by Stew), and on the first Saturday of the month from 1pm to 2.30pm (hosted by an another member of staff). Each quiz consists of 5 rounds containing 10 questions.  Subjects for quiz rounds have been, but are not limited to, General Knowledge, Geography, Nature and the Natural World, Food and Drink, Picture Rounds, Sci-fi and 80’s pop.  Suggestions for specific quiz rounds are always welcome.  


In order to take part you will need a Facebook account and have contacted a member of staff to be added to the closed Facebook Quiz Group – from there you can watch the quiz live.  Past quizzes are stored in the Quiz Group section of The Number 6 Facebook page so you can go back and a previous quiz at your own leisure.  If you have any questions, or require more information, please contact Stew at or Kim at


Relaxation - This relaxation session takes place on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month from 6 – 7pm at Number 6 and the 2nd & 4th Thursday from 6 – 6.30pm on Facebook Live. Kim reads through a guided imagery script (e.g. walking you through a forest, floating on a cloud, walking on a beach etc.) or a progressive muscular relaxation which lasts 15 – 30 minutes.  Please note that the online group is open to anyone that is part of our private Facebook Group.  For more information please contact Kim:


Tai Chi - Takes place every Wednesday online via Zoom at either 4.30pm or 5pm depending on Andy’s availability. This 30 min session comprises of warm up and warm down stretches, breathing exercises and a set of Tai Chi moves to combine breathing and movement. Contact Andy to join the group or discuss it in more detail:

Thursday Group - This is a therapeutic discussion group that uses the format of group members discussing their week to create support and companionship between a group of people. It is a closed group and numbers are limited to no more than five based on what was comfortable and feasible for the format and the group members. Talk to Andy if interested although spaces rarely become available:

Yarn, Fibre & Needlecraft  - Meets every Friday 11am – 1pm, alternating between Number 6 and Zoom. This group provides a space to meet, work on fibre crafts, and chat about life the universe and everything. It is suitable for anyone with an interest in fibre crafting. Some skills help but are not necessary although for the time being we are only working on our own projects so owning equipment is currently a must. To join contact Mo:

Please see our Monthly Calendar for up-to-date information about groups and activities we're running.